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Meet Dovie: Pound Ridge's Resident Border Collie

Did you know that Border Collies are used to keep golf courses goose-free? Dovie has been with Pound Ridge Golf Club since we opened in 2008, and has played an integral role in keeping our beautiful course so pristine. Border Collies are extremely intelligent and obedient canines that have a knack Read More

Top Tips for Playing Golf in Chilly Weather

Q&A with Pound Ridge General Manager Todd LeavenworthCold weather is here to stay, but that shouldn’t deter golfers from getting out on the course. Playing golf in chilly conditions may have some extra challenges, but is still a fun and rewarding experience. Pound Ridge Golf Club is open for Read More

The Mysterious Stimpmeter – What Is It?

It’s a tool you’ve all heard about… but probably have never seen. It’s called the stimpmeter. This hugely important tool is used to measure the speed of a golf course putting green. Green speed includes factors such as the length of the grass, mowing, grooming and brushing – all of which can affect Read More

Four Features That Make Pound Ridge a Distinctive Pete Dye Course

Innovative, challenging and even maddening are words commonly associated with Pete Dye-designed golf courses. His architectural flair is so pronounced, golfers need only a quick glimpse to know the World Golf Hall of Famer masterminded the creation they’re about to play.Some of Dye’s famous venues Read More

A PGA Tour Player’s Secret Weapon: Yoga

Many have underestimated the athleticism necessary for golf, but with more and more fit golfers like Jordan Spieth and Camilo Villegas, the truth is that to compete in the hyper-competitive PGA Tour, one must be in tip-top shape. In order to stay at a peak physical level, many players practice Read More

Sharpen Your Mental Approach for This Golf Season

Some credit their success to natural talent. Others believe success is achieved through practice. The only way to truly be great, however, is to believe that you are. As Jim Flick famously said, “Golf is 90% mental and the other 10% is mental too.” Although learning technique, practicing and even Read More

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