A PGA Tour Player’s Secret Weapon: Yoga

Many have underestimated the athleticism necessary for golf, but with more and more fit golfers like Jordan Spieth and Camilo Villegas, the truth is that to compete in the hyper-competitive PGA Tour, one must be in tip-top shape.

In order to stay at a peak physical level, many players practice yoga, which helps decrease back and knee injury. Yoga is extremely helpful not only out on the course, but for one’s health in general. In a sport like golf, every detail matters so players want every advantage possible.

Below are some of the many benefits yoga offers, which can help your flexibility and ultimately lead to better scores your next time at Pound Ridge Golf Club.

Yoga Golf

1. Flexibility

First and foremost, one of the most beneficial results of yoga is increased functional flexibility. Yoga helps move muscles and joints at different angles and ranges of motion. Not only does this improve mobility, but also helps increase club speed as well as accuracy.

Yoga poses like the revolved crescent lunge or the pigeon pose will help your body to become more flexible as your joints will have a greater range of motion. This will allow you to withstand more physical stresses and thus make your body less prone to injuries.

2. Balance

Balance is the ability to sustain a center of gravity even while other forces act on it. Having poor balance can be difficult to deal with on the course as awkward lies, heavy winds and hard swings can throw off your center of gravity.

Poses such as The Eagle and The Tree require standing on one leg can help increase balance. Repetition of these poses will result in a more powerful and reliable golf swing.

3. Muscular Endurance

Yoga poses such as wall sits and planks will improve muscular endurance, which can be extremely helpful for long rounds on the course that can be physically exhausting.

Constant and consistent practices of these poses will result in the ability to compete at a high level over a sustained period of time, whether it be a tournament, a long season, or even a whole career.

4. Body Composition

Body composition is the ratio of muscle to fat in the body, which effects how the body function

Yoga poses dynamically stretch and strengthen your internal fabric and connective muscle tissue which can change the appearance as the ratio of lean tissue to fat is increased, causing your body to naturally shift things around. Not only will you look good, but you will feel better which is important especially when you’re treading through all 18 holes.

Once you’ve mastered these poses and are feeling relaxed, come over and book a tee time at Pound Ridge Golf Club to see how much you’ve improved.